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Wattronix Inc has a wide array of modern rounded seamless corner glass aquariums from 8 to 300 gallons. All aquariums feature stylish rounded front corners for that clean, simple look. Many aquariums also have a slight bow to the front glass making these aquariums even more attractive.

Canopy Light & Filter
All aquariums have top canopy located lighting with individually controlled power compact and/or fluorescent lighting. The light section of the canopy also provides a lift up section to allow easy feeding, etc. Lights are suitable for fish only tanks, planted tanks or soft coral & mushroom based marine tanks. For hard coral reef tanks, keeping tridacna clams, etc that require very high levels of intense correct spectrum lighting, WG type aquariums (below) with MG type lighting (below) is advised.

The canopy for almost all aquariums also includes a powered biological filter to handle fish wastes. Ceramic media provides a home for nitrosommonas and nitrobacter bacteria that will, over time, convert fish ammonia to nitrite and nitrate. A pump and spray bar feeds both the ceramic media and carbon (provided) to clear colour and any aromatic compounds that may appear.

A matching stand with doors and internal shelving provides an ideal support for most aquariums as well as storage space for various accessories.

Happy Fish Filtration
Happy Fish Filtration is strongly encouraged for every aquarium regardless of size. Happy Fish, when installed with a sand substrate at the bottom of the aquarium, will greatly reduce nitrates produced by normal biological filtration into harmless water and nitrogen gas. Aquarium water will thus be ideal for fish and plants, will require far fewer water changes and will greatly reduce the build up of algae on glass, rocks and plant leaves. Happy Fish Filtration is ideal for freshwater planted tanks and saltwater reefs.

Ground Fault Interrupters (GFIs) and aquarium grounds are very strongly encouraged for every aquarium regardless of size. Aquariums with GFIs and grounds protect the aquarist against AC shock due to unexpected failure of electrical equipment in the aquarium (ie: heater crack) and remove unwanted AC voltages (up to 50V induced from lights, pumps, etc) to reduce stress, lateral line disease and ensuing loss of fish.

A heater is a required accessory for aquariums that will house most tropical fish and saltwater reefs. Wattronix recommends the use of newer electronically controlled heaters for even temperature control and greater reliability.

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